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The diagram above illustrates the different consulting services offered by RM Klein Consulting, how they are connected and the likely outcomes expected. Consulting services usually begin with an assessment of existing firm conditions. A common component of assessment is a firm retreat, facilitated by using a method known as Open Space Technology, which allows for maximum participation and learning.

The firm retreat and assessment process will help initiate three key elements of total firm improvement: staff workgroup formation, management coaching, and learning plan development.

The result of the above actions will be structural and process improvement and the creation of a culture of learning and knowledge sharing at the firm.

Over time, with commitment and effort, these actions will result in improved productivity and creativity. When combined with strategic planning, a rational firm plan and vision can also be developed and implemented.

These services apply to firms of all sizes, however, very small firms and firm start-ups have particular consulting needs. Rena Klein FAIA has been a small firm owner for over 20 years and is uniquely qualified to assist small firms.