Consulting for Very Small Firms
Consulting for Very Small Firms

Management in small architectural firms presents both challenges and opportunities. While firms with fewer than 10 members have the potential to maximize creativity and enthusiasm, they may also suffer from unpredictable workloads, uneven productivity, and lack of available resources.

For small firms, sole-proprietors, and firm start-ups, management coaching is especially useful, giving an isolated firm owner access to a trusted and knowledgeable advisor. Management coaching can provide a short cut to answers about basic firm development questions and concerns.

RM Klein Consulting can provide coaching services in the areas of organizational design, marketing, finance, human resources and strategic planning. These services are customized to the needs of the small firm owner and are available on an hourly or fee-for-service basis.

Small firm owners may also be interested in management classes targeted to small firms offered by Rena Klein FAIA, through AIA Seattle and other AIA Components.