Going It Alone
A Forum for Solo Practitioners
Everyday, solo practitioners face practice issues on their own, making decisions on design, processes and business development without the benefit of conversation with colleagues. Solo practitioners have the freedom to fashion their work life in their own image and, although there are many. . .
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Making Chaos Work for You
Keys to Small Firm Management
Unpredictability is a fact of life for small architectural firms. Small firm owners must cope with constantly shifting workloads, respond quickly to promising opportunities and deal immediately with unexpected challenges. The only certainty is the uncertainty that small firms face. . . .
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Making Differences Matter
Beyond Command and Control
It is often said that diversity is “good for business.” Yet, according to current research, the level of benefit an organization will receive through diversification of its workforce is largely dependent on the management philosophy of the organization. Companies that operate in a. . .
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