Practice Management for Small Firms
An Intensive Seminar on the Basics

This 9hr seminar, given in two sessions, covers all the important aspects of running a small architectural firm. Beginning with an introduction to organizational design, the course covers critical topics in marketing, finance, human resources and strategic planning. The seminar is highly participatory and interactive, with plenty of time for dialogue and shared learning among colleagues.

This seminar is available through the Continuing Education Program of AIA Seattle. Please contact Carolyn Forbes,

Friday afternoon: Session One12:30pm - 5:00pm
Saturday morning: Session Two9:00am - 12:30pm

Management in small architectural firms presents both challenges and opportunities. While firms with fewer than 20 members have the potential to maximize creativity and enthusiasm, they may also suffer from unpredictable workloads, uneven productivity, and lack of available resources. In this series, participants will learn management theory and practical applications designed to increase firm productivity and creativity, as well as improve the effectiveness of firm leadership. Throughout the workshop there will be numerous opportunities for interactive dialogue and information sharing among participants.

Session One Topics
Introduction To Organizational Design
Create an organizational structure that fits the work you do; learn continuous improvement methodology
Human Resources & Leadership
Nurture your most valuable asset, understand diversity issues, foster teamwork, cooperation and enthusiasm
Introduction to macroeconomics, financial statements, ratio analysis, understanding profitability
Session Two Topics
Finance Continued
Understand billing multiples, utilization rates, break-even analysis, analyze your financial data for trends
Marketing planning that's connected to your interests and business plan, understand key differentiators
Strategic Planning
Where do you want to go and how do you get there?