Making Chaos Work for You
Keys to Small Firm Management
Are you an owner or manager of a small design firm? OK. Now try these on for size. Do you work evenings and weekends on a regular basis? Do you spend your days “fire-fighting” or scrambling to take advantage of a sudden opportunity? Do you feel so pressured by current demands that you. . .
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Originally published November 16, 2000 in Seattle Daily Journal
How to Take Your Firm to the “Next Level”
Leaders Need to Re-Invent Themselves along with Their Firms
Joe is the principal of a small firm that has grown from eight to 20 staff members in the last two years. Despite the turmoil created by this rapid growth, Joe dreams of heading a firm twice this size. He imagines taking on larger projects and creating a firm that has value beyond his personal. . .
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Originally published November 21, 2002 in Seattle Daily Journal